Lightwork G-LEAD

Government sector lead automation for revenue teams

Supercharge your revenue. Ensure you track every potential government procurement project & lead without missing potential opportunities.

Receive new government project leads & TORs daily

Minimize lost revenue from missed projects & opportunities.

Whether you bid directly on projects or sell to companies that are awarded projects, easily get all direct & indirect customer leads from government projects everyday.

Identify & qualify opportunities with powerful screening

Get the leads that matter for your business.

Screen & qualify projects by:

Extract & centralize key project information

Utilize 20+ data points for each announced project & archive relevant project document files containing BoQs.

Export project data into a customized format of your choice (along with attachments) to ensure seamless distribution to revenue teams & automation into CRM systems.

Get automated project updates & alerts to monitor key milestones

Create a Watch List to track opportunities and receive automated updates & alerts for important milestones - i.e. bid submission dates, announcement of winners, contract signings.

Integrate Watch List updates with e-mail or chat apps such as LINE to automate handoff to revenue teams.

Integrate with your favorite tools

Ready to capture millions in lost revenue?

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