Lightwork StatementPro

Bank transactions automation for accounting & finance teams

The easiest way to import bank transactions into your systems.

Lightwork StatementPro securely loads all of your bank transaction and balance information daily. Automatically. All-in-one place.

Make informed decisions with the latest up-to-date financial data, daily

Centralize financial activity & data from across all of your banking providers to streamline your financial reconciliation process.

Retrieve, categorize, and transform your bank account data in minutes

Time is valuable and accuracy is crucial.
Eliminate tedious manual downloads or copy & pasting from CSV and PDF files.

Automatically download & categorize your transactions into debits and credits - Get one unified report containing all transaction data, ready for reconciliation.

Automate your handoff process for reconciliation

Proceed with automated data handoffs into your ERP systems through SFTP, batch upload of input templates, or other file formats.

Ensure visibility with
real-time reports

Get the essential financial data to act fast and make critical business decisions.

Eliminate errors, speed up reconciliation, and ensure ease of auditing in your accounting & finance department.

Support for all major Thai commercial banks

Lightwork maintains bank-grade security infrastructure.

The credentials stored are encrypted with FIPS 140-2 validation & keys used for encryption cannot be accessed by anyone, including Lightwork employees.

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